Venue Review – Printworks, SE1

One of the biggest new venues launched this year, Printworks is a huge former printing press-turned-superclub/events space. At a time where nightlife/event venues in London have been placed in jeopardy for a variety of reasons, Printworks sprung up (seemingly out of nowhere) and has become a focal point for daytime events of all sizes. It … Continue reading Venue Review – Printworks, SE1

Opinion – Why The ‘696 Form’ Wasn’t Working & Scrapping It Was A Good Idea

Last week, London's Mayor Sadiq Khan and the Night Czar Amy Lame had announced that the controversial Met Police Form 696 had been scrapped:- Form 696 was a risk-assessment Form that a Venue and a Promoter of an Event would have had to fill out, but only if the event featured ‘a MC or … Continue reading Opinion – Why The ‘696 Form’ Wasn’t Working & Scrapping It Was A Good Idea

Venue Review – Queen of Hoxton, Shoreditch (Halloween Weekend)

I'll start off by saying this definitely one of the most go-to places in London. It's notable as it's got three different areas within one – a basement dance ‘club' area, a main/standard bar area and it's famous Rooftop! I went there on the Saturday of Halloween weekend – considering they do go all out … Continue reading Venue Review – Queen of Hoxton, Shoreditch (Halloween Weekend)

Venue Review – Gem Bar, Carnaby Street

Now here's a place that I've been too COUNTLESS times over the years on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays - for good reason! On Carnaby Street/Beak Street, in between Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus, it's an ideal spot for anyone looking for a late-night post-dinner drinks/dancing venue to go to, no matter where you are in … Continue reading Venue Review – Gem Bar, Carnaby Street

Venue Review – Village Underground, Shoreditch

Sometimes certain places just need to have a simple setup. Just a decent-sized dancefloor, good lighting, great sound, a not-too-busy Bar area (and of course toilets!). And that's it. Village Underground nails it – I went a few weeks back to watch Skream's Open To Close gig there, all night - and it's a simple … Continue reading Venue Review – Village Underground, Shoreditch

The End of Uber in London… for now?

Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting bits of news that came out last week was Transport for London's decision to not renew Uber's licence in London. Even when it was announced last Friday, as of today friends of mine are still talking about it and the impact it will have. Personally, I've only used Uber … Continue reading The End of Uber in London… for now?