Review – Zebranos, Carnaby Street

Now here’s a place I’ve been to countless times over the years for Birthdays, Leaving Doos or just a place to hangout on a Thursday night! A regular haunt for those around the West End area, and also a place that hasn’t changed at all over the past 5+ years, which isn’t a bad thing at all!


Just off Carnaby Street, it’s a two-floored Bar/Restaurant, with the small Restaurant/eating area on the ground floor, and the main Bar space downstairs. I haven’t ever been to the Restaurant area so can’t really comment on it – only ever been to the downstairs bit. As soon as you go down, you’ve got the toilet area to your right-hand side – a bit unusual for most places, it’s as soon as you enter – then to the left you’ve got the entrance to the main Bar/Club space. This area can sometimes be a bit narrrow, and you can happen to randomly/awkwardly bump into people as you/they are passing through, but widens out as you enter.


The place has three main areas – to the right, as you enter, the Bar is on the right-hand side opposite a wide seating/standing area. Depending on the time of night, it can be quite busy especially during their (recommended!) Happy Hour, but service is pretty quick and there is another Bar area within the main dancefloor itself. It can get quite busy around this area as there is a lot of space around the bar for people to stop/chat etc (and also a nice extension of the Dancefloor, especially later on in the night), but also quite wide so you can get served quite quickly.

The seating area opposite the Bar is a small-ish kind of space, full of couches/seating areas and tables – it’s the kind of area that’s reserved for Birthdays/Events etc and there isn’t much in the middle in between, so it’s kind of a low-key area for chatting, etc rather than the dancefloor area – it’s a good area to start off the night with, with a view to get people to meet up, etc before hitting the main area later on.


The main seating/dancing area – directly to the left-hand side as you enter – has wide seating all around the outside, seperated into booths almost (without wall dividers, so it’s quite open) with some big tables next to them. Another good area to get involved in so there’s a nice mix of seating/standing and your literally next to the dancefloor too, which makes it great for a variety of friends. There are another set of more secluded seating areas in the corners of the space too, that are normally reserved.

The main dancefloor space in the middle that always have loads of people every time I’ve gone, but it’s never been too rowdy/crammed and enough space for people to move around (although has a bit of a low ceiling, I’ve found!) The DJs there play the usual mix of contempory House/90s RnB/Hip-Hop etc and there is always a decent crowd that are there. There’s another Bar within this area too, so you never have to really leave to go back to the entrance area for a drink, which is a nice touch!


Overall, it’s a good place to go for a drink and a boogie – it’s a great night out, lively crowd/music, spacious, and very reasonably priced – so would recommend it if around if you’re ever around the area!

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