The Funniest/Worst/Infamous Nightclub Promo Videos of All Time

One of my friends is currently in the process of opening up his own Bar and is considering filming a promo-video of some kind for it – to which I reminded him that you don’t want to make it like the infamous ‘Bounce by the Ounce’ video that came out a few years ago.

On that note, I thought it would be good to show some of the worst, funniest and silliest nightclub promo videos that I’ve seen/collected (!) over the years. Take note promoters, this is not how to do it!


The Czech Inn, Dublin

Some of the most cringe-worthy acting I’ve ever seen.

The Coliseum, Halifax

To be fair, this actually looks decent – it looks like it’s got a mix of everything – but getting businessmen in suits to describe it (with no sense of humour) doesn’t really do much. It’s 8 minutes long, but I could only see the first minute of it before switching off! Also, any place that describes itself as ‘only 35 miles from Manchester’ isn’t going to do it any favours…

Cielo Nightclub, USA

I can’t tell if this is a paraody of a hip-hop video or something else. Showing the place as mostly-empty doesn’t help either

‘Bounce By The Ounce’ – Rumes Nightclub, Preston

Words can’t do this justice – it’s quite special! I’ve been to some nights out in Preston and can tell you they aren’t all like this! It’s one of those rare videos that you can’t take your eyes off of . It’s had 17+ million views and a total internet sensation – any publicity is good publicity, I suppose!



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