Review – Be At One, Greek Street, Soho

Here’s a place that’s only been open for around 2-3 years now (I think!), opened to some fanfare and it’s become really popular with friends of mine – and I still go there quite often!

The Be at One chain are mostly no-nonsense Cocktail Bars in all the good places/High Streets in London. Most of them are – I’ve found – to be quite small/cosy (the one in Hammersmith, for example, is almost like one long corridor) so was expecting this one to be the same, but it’s actually one of the biggest!


It’s a downstairs venue – so when you go down the initial corridor and flights of stairs (the cloakroom is directly as you enter), you enter into one corner of essentially one massive room – with the Bar directly in the centre.

This layout is really good – as, with most places with the Bar at one end of a room/dancefloor, most have the tendency to have everyone hanging around/queueing at that end – but with it in the centre, it’s easy to navigate and to go round to the other sides if one end is too busy.


Around the outside are booth areas – some for 2/3 people and some as big for 10+ with sofas/stools for people to crowd around – then there are sporadic seating areas elsewhere.

There is Dancefloor area in one corner of the venue – complete with light-up wall and light-up floor too! It’s somewhat tucked-away in one of the far corners, but it’s really good and seating all along the outside and another Bar on the far-side of it – but no complaints with it as it’s got good sound, music and lighting.


It’s a really big place and the venue can hold a lot of people (I’d say around 100-150+) and as such the seating areas sometimes get really busy, but it’s never too much pushing/shoving to get anywhere and doesn’t feel like a crowded-out nightclub or anything like that.

The only downside I have with this (and other Be at One places) is the prices of the drinks – it’s the kind of place where you do end up paying around £60-80 on a typical night out, however the quality and choice of drinks on offer are one of the best you can get for a High-street Bar, so you get what you pay for (definitely don’t miss their Happy Hour between 5-7pm.)

I would certainly recommend this one in Greek St really for any occasion – pre-drinks, random meet-ups and even a place to go straight to. Being near/10mins walk from TCR/Oxford Street stations too, as well as Bus Stops/Cab areas nearby also make it really handy. Thumbs up for this one!

(P.S. – All my pics of the place I took on my phone were blurry, so had to use photos from their site!)

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