Venue Review – Electric Ballroom, Camden

So here’s a place I’ve been to quite a lot over the past few months – In the heart of Camden, directly next to Camden Town station and loads of Bus stops, it’s quite renown primarily as a Music Venue, and is an absolutely HUGE place.

As soon as you walk in, after the ticket booth/cloakroom area – the big, main circular Bar area serves as the central point to the other areas of the venue. This Bar is has a wide selection, reasonably cheap and wasn’t any long waits/queues at all.


The Main Room is beyond the main Bar and is a huge space – bigger than a lot of clubs and almost theatre-like – complete with a great lighting/soundsystem too. As essentially it’s an empty space with no pillars, only a raised section, it can give it a ‘mosh pit’ type of feel (especially near the end of nights where the crowd really gets going) but it fits in enough people not to make it too small, but not too big that it’s not atmospheric enough. It’s really good – a lot of bands have gigs at this place, for this reason, as well on their Club nights on Saturdays, there’s still a really big turnout.


There are a few sets of stairs from there that take you to the Upstairs section, where there is unique corridor that goes along the outside of the Main Room – that has seating areas as well as balcony-type windows that overlook the Main Room – which is great for those that want to see/hear the music but not get involved too much with the hustle of the crowds. There’s even a bar on the floor, so it’s a really good ‘chill-out’ area too.


On that top floor, there is also a ‘club’ area – not as big as the main room – that plays more modern hip-hop/RnB/commercial tunes. This area has sofas and cushions along the outside and isn’t as open as the main room is (I imagine it’s designed to be more intimate). The DJ section within this area is in one of the corners (covered by a mesh-like fence, which is a bit weird!) but there is a good vibe and is likely where some people will venture if the Main Room isn’t to their liking. It’s probably the only part of the venue where you’ll feel short on space (considering the other areas/corridors are large) and you can still spend a decent amount of time there.

The Electric Ballroom

So whilst I’ve only been there on Saturday’s (where they play their 70s-90s themed ‘Propaganda’ parties) it really is a great place to go – prices for entry and drinks are very reasonable, good, fun crowds every time I’ve been there, and it stays open quite late too- so really do recommend it if ever in the area.

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