Venue Review – Notting Hill Arts Club, Notting Hill Gate

I’ve been here several times over the years, this past week I was there on a Saturday for a Disco Fever night (with some incredible 80s/90s Disco-fused tracks!) and knew I’d get to writing about it at some point!

The layout of the venue is kind unique in that it’s circular – as you go down the stairs you enter in the middle (so to speak) of the place, you’ve got the big dancefloor area to your right, and the left is the bar and seating areas, with a pretty big DJ booth behind/under the stairs.


On the other side of the bar there is a massive seating area – suitable for about 30 people or more. Given this layout, you can imagine it’s suitable during the day/early evenings it’s a good spot to chill out/catch up with friends. The DJ booth is on your level too (not high above you, like most places) so it really adds some intamatcy to the venue and getting track requests in etc (also high-5’ing the DJs, which I tend to do…)

The dancefloor area is about half the size of the venue, on the other side, with one end of it raised – with the venue accomodating different types of events – gigs, comedy nights, etc –  the layout/space makes it ideal for lots of different events. The Disco night I’d been at featured some great lighting and good sound quality, and while the venue isn’t big, it never feels too crowded/like a sweatbox


The staff are really great too – friendly as you come in, quick on Bar Service, and on the Cloakroom too – so massive thumbs up on that! Cost-wise, it’s very cheap – only £10 to enter on that particular night, with drinks/nibbles reasonably priced too.

It terms of location it’s ideally placed on Notting Hill Gate road – so at late night Notting Hill Gate Station and lots of Night Bus routes going to and from East and West London, so you’re not going to be walking for miles to get home – a great place to go if you want to have a chilled night, a heavy-dancing one, or a bit of both!

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