‘The decline of London’s nightlife: who blighted the night?’ East London Lines Feature

I’ve actually only got round to watching/reading this recently – but there’s a really good feature that’s come out that goes into regarding the current situation with London’s Nightlife and the issues/challenges it faces:-


One really good standout article from all this is the ‘Utpoia after dark: why nightlife matters’ article page – too often the negative questions are raised around Late Night venues but there is little coverage of the postive impacts of them:- musical creativity, allowing a place for people to ‘let their hair down’, meeting people, and various other reasons why it’s so important in London.

The Property Development threat is all too common in London (given that anywhere in London is regarded as fashionable/trendy nowadays) and the above mentions valid points that as venue rents are increasing, the costs for food, drinks, etc in those venues increase by default as well, meaning less people want to go out – but at least that’s being addressed. Same with the increase of various legalisation (I never knew, for instance, that different Boroughs in London have different leglislation for Late Night Venues!) which cause challenges for smaller venues to operate.

There is a some really good postive developments that the articles cover as well – new venues opening, more people involved/discussing these challenges – so there is a lot to look forward to, which is covered off really well.

It’s really expansive, but certainly suggesting giving it a read/watch!






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