Venue Review – 93 Feet East, Shoreditch

In the middle of Shoreditch – near Brick Lane Market/Record Shops –  I was there for a Dance/House event a few weeks back, and been there previously for various events, and always a good place if around that area.

The venue is split into an inside and outside area. As soon as you enter (kind of a wide alley off Brick Lane) into the courtyard, there is a large seating area in the outside, at the back – that’s used as a eating/smoking area (handy for smokers who don’t like to dance!), with an outside bar too for their Summer events.Its very out-of-the-way enough so you/friends can have some downtime to chill out and chat – unlike most places, that are on main streets, etc where you can be huddled in a corner – the outside area is a nice change of pace – I also can imagine during their numerous summer events it will get quite busy, as this courtyard area is quite big and allows a lot of people to hang outside of.

In the inside, essentially you’ve got one big room (and the doors on the other side for cloakrooms, toilets, etc). It’s not massive, but not too small either – capacity of around 100 people, roughly.

There’s a bar all on one side of the room (it must be said, some very reasonable prices!), with couches all around the edges of the main floor, then the main DJ booth on the other side – so it’s a place that’s adaptable for a lot of events and different type of people. There’s windows on the one side too, so you can see into the courtyard area (especially if you lost sight of your friends) but it’s a simple as that, but that’s what makes it special and no-nonsense. It never feels small enough to be a ‘sweat box’ and never got overly crowded.

Image result for 93 feet east

The lighting and sound effects in there are amazing too, especially considering this was a Dance/House night, the bass/treble was loud and really great quality (and not so much that there was annoying rumbling or anything like that from the speakers, which we were next to). That, with the stylish 90s’-era graffti/shape styles on the walls, gives it a very stripped-back feel and goes down really well when everyone’s dancing – giving the impression that’s it a lot bigger than what it is!

As with most places around that area, there is always a good crowd of people of all ages, and there a lot of events that go on there – so really I do highly recommend it, if you’re ever around there

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