Venue Review – Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Bar, Soho

I’ve been to this place quite a bit over the past several weeks – mostly as there have been a lot of work-related conferences during the day, and during the evenings/nights they’ve had some special events.

It’s situated in the heart of Soho – ideally inbetween all good main streets/stations so really easy to get to.

The place is top-tier venue for Jazz/live music events – for good reason. The decor of the venue is very old-school, complete with photos of old jazz musicians along the walls. Each row/’booth’ is deceptively big and enough legroom to enjoy a long presentation/event (even for a big clumsy oaf like I am!) The main stage is, while small compared to most places, feels very initmate and enjoyable compared to a theatre, etc

I’ve been there for conferences in the mornings, where it’s initmate setting makes it really good (and I imagine nerve-wrecking) for presentations – as the stage is very close to the seating area – but means it’s a lot of more engaging for audiences than most other places.

In the evenings they make it a relaxed, chilled atmosphere. I was at an ‘Introducing’ gig for a band that were being promoted, and the venue has a very chilled-out vibe that makes it easy to recommend to anyone who wants a relaxed night. The sound and lighting set-up is really good quality, so it does give a premium vibe, and easy to recommend to literally anyone for a night-out in London.

Special shoutout to the staff there as well – I went to a gig there on a Monday night and my friend had lost his coat/jacket, and they pulled out all the stops to find it – as well as how a venue that stays open so late can get itself ready again for an early-morning presentation! Hats off to the guys there!

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